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    Butterfly mannequins characterized by the elongated neck, tilted head in a gesture...


    Our brand new collection of sports mannequins, fibreglass figures in dynamic poses....


    STAGE is a collection of male headless mannequins. These men are dynamic and ideal...

  • ONE

    ONE - our new line of modern mannequins where simplicity is at its best. We designed...

  • 950 SERIES
    950 SERIES

    950 series is our new collection of females fitting to the current UK trends....

Now with every order, a FREE set of stickers!*

To get a set of mannequin styling stickers, contact your sales manager.

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The shopwindow is changeable

With the changing seasons, trends, special events, new fashions and holidays it can be hard to keep refreshing the same key pieces and old favourites. For a quick and budget friendly option, our head of development and design recommends updating existing mannequins with facial stickers, coloured foil, fake lashes or different colours and styles wigs you can makeover your mannequin giving you flexibility to update your favourites with an unique edge to fit in with new projects.


*Offer valid while stocks last