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    Butterfly mannequins characterized by the elongated neck, tilted head in a gesture...


    Our brand new collection of sports mannequins, fibreglass figures in dynamic poses....


    STAGE is a collection of male headless mannequins. These men are dynamic and ideal...

  • ONE

    ONE - our new line of modern mannequins where simplicity is at its best. We designed...

  • 950 SERIES
    950 SERIES

    950 series is our new collection of females fitting to the current UK trends....

Choosing the right pose

When arranging a window display it is important to choose mannequins in a variety of poses, this will give the consumer the ability to create a relationship with them.

Furthermore when choosing your mannequins it is important to make sure the pose you choose is suitable for your specific shops needs and the clothes they are going to present. (Mannequins presenting sportswear will have different poses to those wearing casual clothes).

female manikins as visual shop display

The latest trend in Visual Display is to repeat mannequins from the same collection and in the same position many times.

The combination can be repeated in a series of rows, this will create a strong visual impact.

many male mannequins in a store