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    Butterfly mannequins characterized by the elongated neck, tilted head in a gesture...


    Our brand new collection of sports mannequins, fibreglass figures in dynamic poses....


    STAGE is a collection of male headless mannequins. These men are dynamic and ideal...

  • ONE

    ONE - our new line of modern mannequins where simplicity is at its best. We designed...

  • 950 SERIES
    950 SERIES

    950 series is our new collection of females fitting to the current UK trends....

Arranging the mannequins - composition

    Below are the rules of a good composition, just to help you make the most of arranging your mannequins.

    • make sure that the distance between the mannequins varies
    • mannequins should be “ looking “ in different directions
    • mannequins shoulders are turn in different angles
    • invent “ a real life situation “ were the window display is telling a story and mannequins are more like actors 

    In window displays were three or more mannequins are being used an interesting concept could be to divide mannequins into a smaller groups 2+1, 2+2, this brings harmony and creates an engaging set up.

    All this elements can help to create three dimensional window display and will make more interesting for the passerby.

    female mannequins in a shop window